ClimEx poster at the EGU 2016 in Vienna, Austria

LMU PhD students Florian Willkofer und Raul Wood attended the European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly in Vienna on April 20th 2016, and very succesfully presented their recent progress on the creation of a climate reference dataset during the poster session “HS 7.1 Precipitation: from measurement to modelling and application in catchment hydrology”.

As subdaily precipitation behaviour is an emerging topic, the poster attracted the attention of many confernce attendees and vital discussions evolved.

Authors: Florian Willkofer, Raul Wood, Josef Schmid, Fabian von Trentini, Ralf Ludwig

Titel: From daily to sub-daily timesteps – Creating a high temporal and spatial resolution climate reference data set for the modeling of hydrological extreme events