ClimEx @ EGU 2019

Several contributions of ClimEx were presented at the EGU General Assembly 2019:

  • R. Ludwig et al.: Assessing the impacts of climate change and natural variability on hydrological extreme events over Eastern North America and Europe (POSTER)
  • M. Mittermeier et al.: Detecting the dynamics of heavy precipitation Vb-cyclones under climate change using neural networks (PICO)
  • F. von Trentini et al.: Capabilities and limitations of a process-based hydrological model for flash flood simulation (POSTER)
  • F. Willkofer et al.: Assessing the development of flood extremes in a changing climate (ORAL)
  • R. Wood et al.: Analyzing natural variability and future changes of precipitation extremes in the CRCM5 Single-Model Large-Ensemble (ORAL)