ClimEx at the 7th Ouranos Symposium in Montreal

The ClimEx project was very well represented at this year’s 7th Ouranos Symposium. Martin Leduc (Ouranos) gave an overview on the concept of the climate simulations and first results of climate change signals and internal variability of the 50 member ensmble for both domains (northeastern North America and Europe). The presentations of Jean-Luc Martel (ETS) and Silvia Innocenti (INRS-ETE) refered directly to analysis of ClimEx data, whereas Richard Turcotte (DEH) and Ralf Ludwig (LMU) gave an overview of the over 10 years of collaboration bewteen Bavaria and Québec, of which ClimEx evolved. Two posters highlighted other aspects of ClimEx additionally.

Presentations (in French):

  • Leduc, M.: Projet ClimEx: un grand ensemble de simulations pour explorer la variabilité naturelle et les extrêmes climatiques
  • Innocenti, S.: Relations d’échelles pour les précipitations: propriétés des extrêmes à plusieurs échelles spatiales et temporelles
  • Martel, J.-L.: Évolution des précipitations extrêmes dans trois grands ensembles de simulations climatiques – impact des résolutions spatiales et temporelles
  • Turcotte, R. and Ludwig, R.: Québec-Bavière : une expérience de collaboration sur plus de dix ans

Poster (in English):

  • Willkofer, F. (LMU) et al.: The ClimEx hydro-meteorological model chain to assess and manage impacts of climate change and natural variability on extreme events
  • von Trentini, F. (LMU) et al.: Evaluating the ClimEx single model large ensemble in comparison with CORDEX results over Europe and Québec