Events 2015

ClimEx Kick-off Meeting, Munich, March 30th 2015 – April 03rd 2015

The ClimEx Kick-Off Meeting took place at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich from March 30th till April 3rd. All partners participated in the meeting to set up and revise the work plan, work packages and to discuss and resolve open questions. The most important decisions are:
  • 50 transient (1950-2100) member runs of the CanESM2-LE (large ensemble) will be dynamically downscaled with the CRCM5 at a resolution of 0.11 degree (12 km)

  • The final domain for the regionalisation was set

  • Procedures for porting of the CRCM5 to the SuperMUC

ClimEx project meeting, Montréal/Québec City, November 23rd 2015 – November 26th 2015

The meeting in Québec provided the possibility to update all partners on the current status of the three modules Climate/Hydrology/IT.
Additionally, workshops for all modules improved collaboration between partners and solved open questions.
Finally, a revised work programme and further opportunities for the ClimEx project were discussed in an outlook session.