ClimEx@EGU 2018 in Wien

Beim alljährlichen Treffen der European Geosciences Union (EGU) in Wien war ClimEx wieder gut vertreten:


  • Wood, R. et al.: Analyzing natural variability and future changes of precipitation extremes in the New ClimEx Single-Model Large-Ensemble
  • von Trentini, F. et al.: Natural variability in RCMs: single model 50-member-ensemble (ClimEx) results to better understand variability in multi-model ensembles of CORDEX
  • Ludwig, R. et al.: Assessing the impacts of climate change and natural variability on hydrological extreme events over Eastern North America and Europe


  • Willkofer, F.: A HPC based hydry-meteorological model chain to assess impacts of climate change on extreme events – advances and challenges