ClimEx@AGU 2017 in New Orleans

Diese Jahr fand das AGU Fall Meeting erstmals in New Orleans statt, und ClimEx war dort mit einigen Vorträgen und Postern sehr erfolgreich vertreten:


  • Raul Wood et al.: Extreme Value Analysis of hydro meteorological extremes in the ClimEx Large-Ensemble
  • Jean-Luc Martel et al.: Evolution of Precipitation Extremes in Three Large Ensembles of Climate Simulations – Impact of Spatial and Temporal Resolutions


  • Florian Willkofer et al.: A hydro-meteorological model chain to assess the influence of natural variability and impacts of climate change on extreme events and propose optimal water management
  • Josef Schmid et al.: Evaluating the ClimEx Single Model large ensemble in comparison with EURO-CORDEX results of heatwave and drought indicators
  • Ralf Ludwig et al.: Climate Change and Hydrological Extreme Events – Risks and Perspectives for Water Management in Bavaria and Québec
  • Fabian von Trentini et al.: Evaluating the ClimEx Single Model Large Ensemble in Comparison with EURO-CORDEX Results of Seasonal Means and Extreme Precipitation Indicators